Equity Capital seeks opportunities that offer consistent, proven returns while providing a high level of protection of your principal.



We are a fully integrated private equity company that specializes in capitalizing the investments of real estate developers.



We have many lucrative opportunities for investors. To see our current portfolio list please register for a new client account.



Equity Capital is committed to providing our investors with excellent customer service and reliable communication.

Equity Capital, LLC. (EC) is a fully integrated private equity company specializing in capitalizing real estate developers. Our affiliated partners navigate the acquisition, development and repositioning of multifamily, mini storage, strip malls and build to suite investments in the fastest growing American cities. Our strategic partnerships with developers gives us access to real estate opportunities with small businesses and corporate brands nationwide. This enables us to have a steady stream of deal flow to its investors. Beyond profitability, our goal is to provide reassuring communication and knowledge to our investors and equity partners.

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